Designer handbags never go out of style. Particularly Coach handbags. Since 1941, Coach handbags have stood for craftmanship, style, and status. Today, more than 75 years after the company was founded, Coach handbags remain in high demand. So if you’re looking to buy a Coach handbag, or turn a bag you have into fast cash, you can do it all at a pawn shop. Here’s what to know about buying, selling, or pawning your Coach handbag at a pawnshop.

Buying a Coach Handbag at a Pawn Shop

If you’re hoping to score a deal on a Coach handbag in the San Gabriel Valley, be sure you shop at a pawn shop that carries luxury handbags. You’ll often be able to purchase a timeless luxury bag for a fraction of the cost of a new purse. To get the best deal on a Coach bag from a pawn shop, follow these tips.

Tips for Buying a Coach Handbag from a Pawnshop

To get a great deal, and a great handbag at a pawnshop, follow these tips.

1. Only Buy Designer Handbags from a Reputable Pawn Shop

Limit your search to reputable pawn shops. Read online reviews and look for pawnshops that have been in business for a while. Pawn shops don’t last unless they provide competitive prices and great service, so an established shop is likely reputable. So do a bit of online research before you visit the shop.

2. Learn About Retail Values

Pawn shops typically sell designer handbags for 30-50% less than you’ll pay at a traditional retailer. So before you go shopping for a Coach bag, Prada bag, Louis Vuitton bag, or any other designer handbag, do a quick online search to find out how much retailers charge for these items. You’ll be a better negotiator at the pawn shop if you’ve done your homework.

Visit the Pawn Shop, or their Online Store Regularly

Pawn shops are unique because the inventory is constantly changing. Because pawnshops buy new items every day, it is likely that you will find new handbags every week. To keep your eyes peeled for the perfect Coach bag, stop by the shop regularly, or peruse the inventory in their online shop. You might also want to follow the pawn shop on social media, to see the latest items when they arrive in stock.

Confirm Authenticity

Reputable pawn shops won’t sell knockoffs. But if you’re uncertain whether a luxury handbag you want to buy is authentic look for the following:

  • Logos that don’t match on the inside versus the outside
  • The seams aren’t straight, or don’t line up right
  • The hardware is light (authentic coach hardware is heavy)
  • The leather isn’t soft
  • The signature C logo is uneven

5. Be Willing to Negotiate

Pawnshops won’t take offense to negotiation. On the contrary, they expect it. So, if you find a Coach bag you love, but they quote you a price beyond your budget, offer 10% less. You might just get them to accept.

6. Pay With Cash

Cash is preferred at pawnshops, as it prevents the shop from paying hefty credit card fees. You can often negotiate a better price for an item if you pay with cash rather than a card.

Selling a Coach Bag to a Pawn Shop

If you have a Coach bag you no longer use, and want to sell it to a pawn shop, follow these simple tips to help you get the best offer.

1. Wipe Away All Dust

If you’re selling a bag, it’s likely because it’s just gathering dust in your closet. So wipe it down with a cloth to make it appear clean.

2. Bring the Bag it Came in and Other Packaging

If you have the signature brown dust bag that your Coach purse came in, bring it with you to the pawn shop. Likewise, if you kept a receipt or authenticity card, bring those as well to verify that it’s an authentic bag.

3. Look for Comparable Bags Online

If they don’t make the same Coach bag you’re looking to sell, identify similar bags and see what they sell for in retail stores. Remember, at a pawnshop you’ll only be able to sell your bag for a fraction of what it is worth. Knowing what to expect can keep you from being disappointed if you’re not offered full price.

4. Show it to Multiple Shops

Pawn shops make offers based on a variety of factors unique to their shop. For example, if you take your bag to a pawnshop that has lots of other Coach bags, you may not get a great offer. However, if you take it to a pawnshop that only has a couple of designer handbags, they may offer you more for it.

Pawning a Coach Bag at a Pawn Shop

Pawn loans are collateral loans. That means that pawn shops will often loan on anything of value, such as a Coach handbag. Keep in mind that a pawnshop will only loan a percentage of the value of the item. But you also retain ownership of the bag if you make your payments in keeping with the terms of the loan. Once you’ve repaid your loan, your Coach handbag will be returned to you. Depending upon the terms of your pawn loan, you may only need to make the interest payments in order to maintain ownership of your bag. Pawn loan extensions or renewals may also be available.

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