Broken jewelry can be disappointing. If a piece of jewelry can no longer be worn but would be too expensive or just be too much trouble to fix, many people feel stuck with something that feels worthless. Not to mention, it can be incredibly difficult to sell a less-than-perfect item of jewelry! Retail jewelers aren’t interested, and selling it yourself online only results in people trying to low-ball you at every turn. But, there’s another way – your local pawnshop.

First, you should keep in mind that pawn shops will be most interested in jewelry that is intact. This is because the pawnbroker must factor into their offer the time and effort of either fixing it to resell or to scrap the gold, diamond, or other precious metals. However, there’s still hope!

Your broken bracelet, necklace, or other jewelry still has value and can get you quick cash when you need it. This is because, unlike most items typically found around a home, such as a television or a computer, jewelry retains its value with age and even if it is broken. The value of the precious metals and jewels in your jewelry is determined not by the retail market but by the precious metals market. Generally speaking, despite all the ups and downs throughout history in this market, the value of precious metals and gemstones only increases.

If you have broken jewelry that you aren’t quite sure what to do about, we can help. At Azusa Pawn, we are always interested in your jewelry, broken or intact! We aim to go above and beyond for our community with every transaction. Keep reading to find out more about how to sell your broken jewelry to your local pawnshop.

Can I pawn or sell any kind of broken jewelry?

We are happy to assess any item you bring us, but keep in mind that jewelry made of precious metals like platinum, gold, or silver is always a safe bet. If you do not know precisely what kind of metal your jewelry is made of, you can examine the engraving on clasps for letters or numbers that state the carat or purity.

In addition to precious metals, jewelry that features precious gems and gemstones will be of great interest to your local pawnbroker. Gemstones like diamonds or emeralds are always in great demand. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the value of gems, especially diamonds, is determined by the following factors:

  • Carat – the weight of a diamond
  • Cut – how the diamond is cut
  • Clarity – how the diamond looks, including any blemishes or imperfections
  • Hue – the color of the diamond

You are encouraged to bring us as many items as you want! We will work with you to determine your jewelry’s purity and help you get the most value for your items, no matter how many pieces there are.

How will Azusa Pawn appraise my jewelry?

Our jeweler will first determine the type of metal that your jewelry is made of, including how pure it is. Then, they will weigh all the jewels, as well as measure and asses any diamonds. Based on that information, they will assemble an offer. This process usually only takes a few minutes! After that, you can decide to accept the offer and get your cash. Or, if you prefer, you can try again at a different shop. You are under no obligation at Azusa Pawn.

How do I get the most money for my broken jewelry at Azusa Pawn?

  • Gather as many pieces as you find – depending on how broken your jewelry is, this may mean only a couple of pieces or a handful. Whatever the break’s degree, the point is to bring in as complete an item as you can. Like Azusa Pawn, some pawnshops may be willing and able to repair to resell the piece as a whole.
  • Do your homework – learn a few basics of how precious metals are appraised and weighed. Keep in mind that the purer the metals, the more valuable your item is. Don’t get caught off guard! It will be a challenging moment if your pawnbroker has to inform you that you actually have costume jewelry, which no pawnshop is able to resell.
  • Clean your items – even if it is broken beyond repair, do your best to clean every piece you have. When pawning an item, it is a good rule of thumb that the cleaner it is, the easier it is for your pawnbroker to resell. The fact that clean jewelry looks impressive doesn’t hurt either!
  • Keep realistic expectations – after you have learned what you might be able to expect in terms of appraisal, keep in mind that you might get an offer of a fraction of that. This is because your local pawnbroker must earn a profit on every item in their shop; therefore, they cannot offer an even exchange against the actual value of the metals and jewels in your item. For most items, this is around 40% -60% of the appraised value.
  • Don’t hesitate to negotiate – your pawnbroker will be happy to work with you. The more homework you do, the more leverage you will have when it comes time to deal. And, don’t be afraid to walk away if you are unsatisfied with the offer. Your jewelry will not decrease in value, and you can try again later or at a different shop.
  • Finally: get your cash! – at Azusa Pawn, we will get you your money in hand ASAP.

Broken jewelry does not have to take up space in your home or sit around gathering dust. Now that you are armed with the knowledge that your broken jewelry can get you quick cash, or a safe, confidential cash loan, you can get your broken jewelry to work for you. Gather up your broken jewelry and visit Azusa Pawn as soon as you can to find out how we can help you with your broken jewelry.