Unlike big-box or traditional chain stores, each pawn shop is unique. Most pawn shops are run by local business owners rather than corporations. That means that each pawn shop decides what type of inventory they want to carry. Some may specialize in diamonds, coins, or antiques. Others may prefer to buy and sell brand-name electronics including game consoles. So before you waste time taking your unwanted Xbox to a shop that won’t buy it, do a quick search online for a pawnshop in your area that buys game consoles. If you’re in Azusa, Glendora, or Covina, Azusa Pawn does buy game consoles from customers.

Why Do Certain Pawnshops Buy Game Consoles but Others Do Not?

Pawnshops cater to the needs and wants of the local community it serves. They will be most interested in buying items that they know will appeal to their customer base. They may also be particular about the type of item that they will buy.

This is especially true with electronics, including smartphones, laptops, desktops, and video game consoles. After all, newer models come out all the time, and the pawn shop’s customers are most often going to want the latest model. There are of course, exceptions, including collectors who specifically seek out older model video game consoles.

The pawn shops that do choose to buy game consoles, do so because they know they can sell them. With an estimated 3 billion video game players across the world, the likelihood of being able to buy a game console and then sell it soon after is pretty high.

Want to Sell Your Game Console to a Pawn Shop? What to Know

Before you gather the box, cords, controllers and console of your PlayStation, consider the following.

Pawn Shops Typically Buy Two Types of Game Consoles

Pawn shops are most interested in either vintage game consoles like Atari, or current consoles. There’s not much demand for a five-year-old video game console. But, if you need fast cash, there’s no harm in taking your dated console in to the shop to see if you can get a decent offer. A partial but not exhaustive list of current, popular game consoles that your local pawn shop may buy include:

  • Amazon Luna
  • Google Stadia
  • Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, Switch OLED
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Sony PlayStation 4, 4 Pro, 5
  • Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the S and X Series

Vintage, or collector’s consoles that a pawn shop may buy include

  • Atari Flashback
  • NeoGeo Mini
  • Nintendo NES Classic, Super NES Classic
  • Sega Genesis Mini
  • Sony PlayStation Classic

Pawn shops rarely, if ever make offers over the phone.

However, they may confirm they are currently considering consoles over the phone. So to save yourself time, you may wish to call and ask if they are currently buying consoles before you take yours down to the shop.

So, what determines whether a pawn shop will buy your game console? A variety of factors will weigh into their decision. They include:

  • How many other unsold consoles do they have?
  • Do they know of a customer who is looking for your specific console?
  • What condition is your console in?
  • Does your console have all the original accessories?
  • What year/series/brand is your console?

It’s important to know that a pawn shop will not offer you the full retail value of a game console. They will offer a percentage of the value. You are then invited to try to negotiate for a better price. If you’re not satisfied with their offer, you’re under no obligation to sell it to the shop. You can take it to another shop, sell it online, or sell in a garage sale.

Benefits of Selling a Game Console to a Pawn Shop

Selling a game console to a pawn shop offers two primary benefits. The first benefit is that the transaction is completed quickly. The entire sale process can take less than fifteen minutes at a pawn shop. The staff will examine the item, turn it on to ensure that it works, and make you an offer. If you accept their offer, you’ll leave the shop with cash in your pocket.

The second benefit of selling an unwanted or unused video game console to a shop is convenience. You will not have to deal with taking photos of your console, writing up a description of the item, settling on a price, and uploading your item to an online site for selling. You won’t have to respond to text messages, email messages, and often, people who are just nosy, rather than serious buyers.

You won’t need to welcome someone into your home to demonstrate that the machine works. If you sell it online, you won’t have to consider shipping fees, paying to insure the package, or worrying that it may get lost or stolen enroute. You always won’t have to wait around for your money.

Before you bring in your game console to sell at a pawn shop, we recommend:

  • Wiping off all dirt, dust debris
  • Bringing original owner’s manual or packaging if you have it
  • Bring all cords, accessories that you have
  • Research current values so you know what to expect
  • Bring in your unwanted games if you have them
  • Set your bottom line

Incidentally, if you’re in need of fast cash but don’t want to give up ownership of your game console, ask the pawn shop if you can use it as collateral for a pawn loan instead. Pawn loans allow you to leave the pawn shop with money in your pocket, after agreeing to pay back the loan with interest. Each pawn shop sets their own loan terms and conditions, so be sure you understand what they are before you take out a loan.

Azusa Pawn Buys Game Consoles

Located in downtown Azusa, minutes from Glendora and Covina, Azusa Pawn is a top-reviewed San Gabriel Valley pawn shop that buys game consoles. If you rarely play your PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo, let us make you an offer. We are open seven days a week from 9:30 am- 6:00pm. Have a question? Send us a message or call 626-334-2274 today.