One of the most unique features of pawn shops is that the inventory is constantly changing. This is the direct result of buying directly from the community, every day. So each time you visit or shop from a pawn shop’s online store, you’re liable to find new inventory. Since the demand for luxury items is also high, you are likely to find jewelry including Bulgari custom jewelry at a pawn shop near Glendora. Read on to learn more about shopping for luxury items, such as designer jewelry from pawn shops.

Designer Jewelry You May Find in Pawn Shops

Designer jewelry can earn the seller a great price, so customers often sell them, when they need immediate cash. Although pawn shops buy a lot of different types of jewelry, they know that custom jewelry from the world’s most exclusive jewelry designers will likely sell quickly. Types of custom designer jewelry you may find in a pawn shop includes:

  • Bulgari Italian luxury bracelets, necklaces, earrings
  • Cartier French luxury rings, brooches, watches
  • Chopard Swiss watches, diamonds,
  • Harry Winston gemstone jewelry and engagement rings
  • Piaget Swiss watches for men and women
  • Tiffany & Co. necklaces, earrings, bracelets
  • Van Cleef & Arpels custom French jewelry
  • Citizen luxury Japanese watches
  • Rolex premium Swiss watches
  • Many others!

Reasons to Shop for Custom Designer Jewelry at a Pawn Shop

It only makes sense to shop for custom designer jewelry from pawn shops before you overpay online or at a jewelry store. Here are six reasons to look for Bulgari custom jewelry and other designer jewelry at a pawn shop.

Authentic Designer Jewelry

Established and reputable pawn shops know better than to buy knock off jewelry. After all, fake designer jewelry will be extremely difficult to sell. Top-reviewed pawn shops will have a team of buyers who are experts at identifying knockoffs. So, you will be able to relax knowing that you’re not overpaying for fake designer jewelry.

Significant Savings

Pawn shops routinely sell designer jewelry for a fraction of the retail price. This means that you can save a small fortune by purchasing jewelry from the world’s most sough-after designers from a pawn shop. In fact, financial experts have gone on record stating that savvy shoppers can score incredible deals on jewelry from pawnshops.

Find Rare Pieces

Unlike other retailers which display and promote specific items seasonally, or when new styles come out, pawn shops carry custom jewelry that is both new, and vintage. You’ll find pieces of high-end jewelry in pawn shops that you won’t find elsewhere. Even fashion writers report finding some of their favorite jewelry in pawn shops.

New Inventory Every Week

Unlike traditional jewelry retailers that tend to buy in bulk a couple of times each year, pawn shops are buying jewelry year-round. The inventory you see on Monday may be completely replaced by Friday. So if you’re looking for jewelry from a specific designer, it’s smart to visit the pawn shop repeatedly, to see recently added items are in stock.

Supports the Local Economy

Many pawn shops are locally owned, family businesses. When you shop at a pawnshop in your community, you’re likely helping support a neighbor, and putting money back into the local area, rather than a community in another region, or state.

Better for the Environment

Designer jewelry production, packaging, and shipping use a lot of natural resources. By contrast a pawn shop is reselling jewelry, so there’s no additional mining for gemstones, no additional plastic or cardboard, and no carbon emissions.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Custom Designer Jewelry

There are six steps you should follow if you’re looking to get the best possible deal on Bulgari custom jewelry, and other high-end jewelry at a pawn shop.

1. Read About Values

The internet can help you understand not only the current prices of precious metals, but the value of various jewelry you may want to buy. For example, you may try typing “what is the value of a Rolex watch?” into your search engine to begin learning about watch values. Or if there is a specific piece of jewelry you have your eye on, you may run a more specific search, such as “how much is a Cartier love bracelet worth.” While the results may vary, you will at least have an idea of what you may pay.

2. Pay in Cash

If you’re uncomfortable carrying a lot of cash with you before you know if you’ll even spend it, just visit a pawn shop before going to the bank or the ATM. Once you’ve negotiated an acceptable price, just run out to the bank or ATM. You will almost certainly get a better price on custom jewelry if you’re a cash customer.

3. Shop the Inventory Online Before Going to the Store

Successful pawn shops generally have an online store in addition to their brick-and-mortar shop. If you shop their online store first, and find the perfect piece of designer jewelry, you’ll have time to research it online, making you a more informed buyer when you head into the shop.

4. Use What You’ve Learned to Negotiate

When you know comparable values, and you know that cash is king, you’ll arrive at the shop armed with a wealth of information that you can use to negotiate the best price. Negotiation is expected in pawn shops, and you’ll be a better negotiator if you’ve done your homework.

Designer Jewelry at the Top-Rated Pawn Shop in the SGV

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