Although no two pawn shops are the same, those that carry luxury watches are likely to sell authentic Hublot watches, when they have them in stock. After all, Hublot watches are highly sought-after Swiss watches that are ranked amongst the world’s most expensive luxury watches. So there’s certainly demand for these watches. The tricky part may be finding one in stock at your local pawnshop as these and other luxury items often sell fast. So, why are these watches so popular and so expensive? Read on for everything to know about Hublot watches, including tips for buying one from a pawn shop.

What is a Hublot Watch?

Hublot, which means “porthole” in French debuted in 1980. It immediately created a buzz as it was the first time that natural rubber straps were used in a luxury watch. It became an immediate favorite of the rich and famous, earning a reputation for being daring, innovative, and luxurious.

The rubber strap was just the first time Hublot used an unusual material in its watches, but it was far from the last. The company soon became synonymous with using materials never seen in luxury watches. The luxury Swiss watchmaker adopted the tagline “The Art of Fusion” which remains to this day. Unique materials used in Hublot watches today include Magic Gold (gold alloy infused with ceramic), sapphire, osmium, carbon fiber (texalium), and titanium carbon.

To no surprise, these unique watches have caught the eye of major players in the arts and entertainment industries, along with professional athletes. For example, Hublot partnered with the Dallas Cowboys in 2014 to create limited edition watches. The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt is a brand ambassador for the luxury line. Hublot is also the official timekeeper for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Today Hublot also has strategic partnerships with up-and-coming artists, designers, and influencers. And of course, who can forget when Formula One’s Bernie Ecclestone was violently mugged for his Hublot watch (and Hublot promptly used images of his bruised face in their advertising campaigns)?

As a relative newcomer to the luxury Swiss watch market, Hublot refuses to conform to tradition, and even accepts cryptocurrencies as payments for their watches. More affordable than a Rolex, but still very pricey, you can undoubtedly save a small fortune if you can find an authentic Hublot watch at a pawn shop.

Why Buy a Luxury Watch from a Pawn Shop?

If you’re ready to invest in your first, or the next luxury watch in your collection, you can purchase one online, from a jewelry dealer, or directly from the company. However, you can also shop from a respectable pawn shop.

Top-reviewed pawn shops will verify the authenticity of any luxury item they buy before purchasing it. After all, they don’t want to get duped into a knock-off, so they’ll make sure you don’t either. Pawnbrokers know exactly what to look for, to confirm authenticity.

You’ll also pay a fraction of the price for a Hublot watch at a pawn shop, when compared to the full retail price. Most of the time pawnshops offer 30-40% off retail price. When you’re looking at a high-value item, that discount can mean thousands of dollars in savings.

How To Get a Great Deal on a Luxury Watch

When shopping for a Hublot or other designer watch at a pawn shop follow these best practices for a terrific experience.

1. Know What Watches are Worth

To ensure you don’t pay more than you should for a Hublot or any other luxury watch, take a bit of time to learn how much certain watches are worth. A quick online search can provide an estimate.

2. Decide How Much You’re Comfortable Spending

Before you buy a luxury watch from a pawnshop or from any other retailer, you should know your price limit. You don’t want to go into debt for a watch, and if you spend more than you can afford, you’re likely to wind up experiencing buyer’s remorse.

3. Don’t Expect the Pawn Shop to Give it Away

Although pawn shops are known for selling luxury items at discounted prices, you shouldn’t expect that they will give away profits by selling high end watches for next-to-nothing. Hublot watches retail for six-figures, so don’t expect to walk out of a pawn shop with a new watch for a few hundred dollars.

4. Think Before You Buy

It can be incredibly exciting to find a highly coveted luxury watch for sale at a great price. However, you should try to keep your emotions in check, so that you can negotiate based on your knowledge and research, rather than being led by your emotions. Although you run the risk of someone else buying the watch before you do, when making a large purchase, it’s never a bad idea to take a bit of time to really think about the purchase before signing on the credit card slip.

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