If you’re thinking of selling a gold chain or necklace, we’ve got good news. Gold has been used as a currency dating back thousands of years. That means that you can cash in quickly on gold jewelry at a pawn shop. Indeed, you can sell your gold necklaces and chains virtually any time. So if you’ve got an old necklace from an ex, or if you’re looking to make money on a gold chain you don’t wear often, selling it may be a great option.

If you’re not quite ready to part with your gold necklace or chain, you can still cash in with a pawn loan. Because gold remains common collateral for a pawn loan, reputable pawn shops like Azusa Pawn are always interested in looking at your gold jewelry.

Likewise, if you’re looking for a new gold necklace, be sure to visit us first. We’re the fastest-growing pawn shop in the San Gabriel Valley. With a constantly changing inventory of white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold jewelry, you can often snag an unbelievable deal on a gold chain from a pawn shop. Moreover, you’re likely to find unique, or even one-of-a-kind pieces.

So, if you’re ready to buy, sell, or pawn your gold necklace in the San Gabriel Valley, read on. We’ve created the definitive guide to buying, selling, or pawning your gold chain at a pawnshop.

Confirm the Karat

The karat of your gold chain determines its purity rating. The higher the karat, the more pure the gold. Consider that a 10k gold necklace is considered approximately 42% pure. By contrast, a 24k gold chain is almost 100% pure gold.

The purity will help determine the amount of money you’ll get if you sell your necklace at a pawn shop. It will also be used to calculate the amount of money you’ll get as a loan if you pawn your gold necklace. All other things being equal, you’ll get more money for selling or pawning a 24k necklace than a 12k necklace. However, there is an exception to this guideline. If your chain includes diamonds or other gemstones, the pawnshop will value those separately.

Similarly, when you’re shopping for a gold necklace or chain at a pawnshop, be sure to confirm the karat, so you know what you’re getting. To find the karat, look to the clasp of the chain or necklace. The karat will be imprinted, often on a small tag near the clasp.

Determine the Weight of Your Gold Necklace

Don’t worry if you don’t have a jewelry scale at home. There is no need to go out and buy a jewelry scale either, as the pawn shop will have one, and will weigh the piece in front of you. The weight of the gold is one of several figures used by pawn shops to determine the price they will offer you. Together with the purity percentage, the weight will be used to calculate the value, using the current price of gold.

If you’re buying a gold chain, don’t hesitate to ask the pawnshop employee to weigh the item you’re considering buying in front of you. A reputable pawnshop will be happy to do this for you.

Clean Your Jewelry

Once you’ve determined the karat, but before heading to the pawnshop, clean your gold necklace. This helps showcase the luster and highlights the aesthetics of the piece. That way, when you present the necklace (or earrings, bracelet, etc.) to the pawnshop to purchase, or as collateral for a loan, you’ll be in the best position to get a great offer.

How to Clean Gold Chains At Home

You can certainly buy jewelry cleaner that will bring the sparkle and shine back to your gold jewelry. But, you can also clean it at home yourself. Just mix a little Dawn dish soap in warm water and soak your necklace. Then use a soft, clean toothbrush to gently scrub it. Once you’ve cleaned it thoroughly, put it in a clean bowl of lukewarm water to soak for a few minutes. Then rinse it off, and tap it dry with a clean towel.

Decide Your Minimum/Maximum Budget

If you’re planning to sell or pawn a gold chain in Azusa, Baldwin Park, Glendora, or throughout the San Gabriel Valley, it might help to do some calculations first. Decide how much money you need, if you’re in a cash crunch. This will be useful for pawning or selling your item. If you’re pawning your necklace, determine the maximum monthly loan payments you can afford to make.

If you’re selling a gold necklace or chain outright, determine the least amount of money you’re willing to accept. By having fixed numbers in mind when you show your item to the pawnshop employees, you won’t have to decide on the spot, when you may be more likely to accept less than you want.

If you’re looking for a gift and plan to buy a gold chain from a pawn shop, set your maximum budget ahead of time, as well. This will prevent you from overspending. Fortunately, at large pawn shops, you’re liable to find exactly what you want (or didn’t know you wanted!), no matter your budget, on account of the vast selection of gold jewelry for sale.

Pawning, Selling, and Buying Gold Jewelry at Azusa Pawn

If you’re in the market for a gold chain, or other gold, platinum, silver, or diamond jewelry, be sure to visit Azusa Pawn first. We offer an extensive jewelry collection, in addition to coins, collectibles, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and electronics.

When you’re ready to make some money for the gold jewelry you don’t wear, head on over. We’re located in Azusa, convenient to Baldwin Park, Glendora, Covina, Morovia, and Arcadia. We offer top prices for gold, platinum, silver, and even broken jewelry! We also buy gemstones, including diamonds, and watches for top dollar.

Of course, when you’re in a bind, we’re also here to help. We offer straightforward loan terms on all pawn loans, allowing you to leave with cash-in-hand. You’ll be set up with an easy-to-understand, four-month repayment plan, after which we’ll return your gold chain or other items you’ve pawned.

At Azusa Pawn, we work hard each day to provide helpful loans to our neighbors in need, cash on the spot for your unwanted items, and a wonderful showroom full of always changing inventory. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for a sneak peek at new items when they come in. We look forward to meeting you!