Fans and collectors of designer handbags and purses know a great bargain when they see one. However, great bargains on authentic items are few and far between! Getting a good deal on that perfect bag or purse you’ve had your eye on can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Before you pay a considerable mark up from a retailer or fellow collector or online auction sites, consider a resource that might surprise many collectors of designer bags and purses: your local pawn shop. In addition to providing vital services to their communities, pawn shops are great places to find incredible deals on all kinds of things, from tools to musical equipment. Designer bags and purses are no exception – the chances are good that the next addition to your collection is just waiting for you at your local pawn shop. Keep reading to find out exactly why and how to buy your next designer bag or purse from your local pawn shop.

Why the pawnshop business model is on your side

Unlike resellers, or fellow buyers and collectors, the pawnshop business model depends on getting items in and out fast. Pawnbrokers are not as interested in collecting the maximum mark-up of regular resellers because that may result in a purse or bag sitting on their shelf for longer than they want.

Ofcourse, like any business, they need to make a profit on every item they sell. However, their priority is to get the bag or purse sold. This is good news for you because not only will you typically find a much lower price than you would elsewhere, but you will also be in a position to negotiate if you have done your homework. All of this adds up to you getting a great bag at a fantastic price, every time.

Also, the pawnshop business model exists online. Previously, you would be limited to what your local pawn shop had on hand. Since pawn shops are a reflection of the community they serve, if you lived in a place where not many of its residents tended to have designer bags and purses to pawn, you would be out of luck. Thankfully, finding a fantastic price is as easy as going online.

Lastly, a pawn shop is also handy when you need quick cash and have one or more bags or purses to sell. Your local pawn shop can help you turn your unwanted bags, purses, or anything else of value into quick cash. No more listing your bag online, dealing with demanding buyers, waiting for payment, or shelling out for shipping!

How to buy a designer purse or handbag at a pawnshop

Now that you know a little about why a pawn shop should be on your radar for your next designer purse or bag, here’s some information on how to shop, what to look for, and some helpful tips to ensure your shopping experience is fun and productive.

Do your homework

As fans of designer bags and purses, you probably know a lot about their characteristics and what makes them so unique. You might even know how to shop for the best results from a retailer. But, if shopping at a pawn shop is new for you, some other things can help you get the most out of your experience.

First, you should look up current prices for the type of bag you are looking for. Look at completed auctions or even any news about the bag.

Have realistic expectations

Although designer bags and purses tend to be made of high-quality materials, not everyone keeps their bag in immaculate condition. You will be buying a pre-owned item, and the chances are that you may need to give your bag a little TLC to bring it back to its former glory. If you are a bit flexible about the condition you expect and are willing to give your bag some attention, you can wind up with a beautiful addition to your collection.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Pawnbrokers are used to negotiating with customers to reach mutually favorable deals. For many people, however, negotiating is synonymous with stress and conflict. It doesn’t have to be this way! The more you know about the purse or bag you want to buy, the more leverage you will have when negotiating. Remember, your pawnbroker is more concerned with getting the bag off their shelves at a profit than they are about getting the most money possible.

Know what to look for

Like Azusa Pawn, your local pawn shop will do everything it can to ensure that every item in the shop is authentic. From watches to purses and beyond, they will use every bit of their expertise to verify an item. Designer purses and bags are no exception.

However, as with most other things, the final determination of authenticity is up to the buyer. Before you hand over your hard-earned money for that must-have designer purse or bag at your local pawn shop or online, know the tell-tale signs of a fake.

Common marks of a fake include:

  • Prices too good to be true – you will find a great deal at a pawn shop, but if the price feels too good to be true, it probably is
  • Too many bags for sale – part of what makes designer bags and purses so special is their scarcity; any seller with dozens of bags should be suspect
  • Poor craftsmanship – genuine designer bags and purses feature characteristics like tight stitching, quality leather, immaculate logos, and perfectly aligned details

As you can see, a pawn shop is an underused resource for designer bags and purses at fair prices either in person or online. If you live in or near the San Gabriel Valley, visit us at 1028 West Gladstone Street, Azusa, California 91702, or give us a call at (626) 334-2274. We are always happy to answer your questions and help you get an incredible deal on your next designer purse or handbag!