Azusa Pawn is changing its name, but everything you know and love about your favorite pawn shop is here to stay. The beloved establishment will now be known as Azusa Mega Pawn as a testament to how the staff goes above and beyond to make customers happy and encourage them to come back for more. The store will proudly uphold all of the qualities that people already love while striving to reach even higher to better serve the Azusa community which includes the Azusa, Baldwin Park, and Glendora areas. This means keeping up with fair prices and offering a wide range of items, all while nurturing a family-like atmosphere to make you feel at home every time you come to visit.

Proudly Maintaining Exceptional Service

When you come to Azusa Mega Pawn, you’re like family. That means we will never pressure you into anything you don’t feel comfortable with because our goal is to be there for you when you need our help, not the other way around. We will gladly provide you with the information that you’re seeking with no obligations because we refuse to gatekeep our expertise. We would rather talk to you as an actual person and even exchange stories every now and then as opposed to just treating you like a potential paycheck. You can also feel safe at our store because we are licensed and a proud member of the California Pawnbrokers Association which means that we are held to a high standard when it comes to operating within the boundaries of certain rules and regulations.

Hear About Why Customers Love Us:

“The staff there was very helpful and straightforward. I’m looking forward to doing business with them again.”
– Anthony

“This spot is always a nice spot to come to browse around, you never know what you can find.”
– Junior

“Best pawn shop in the area! Great selection and fair.”
– Dominic“Cool spot! They have a lot of good quality items here and great customer service.”
– Selena

How We Offer the Same Great Prices

Just because we’ve changed our name doesn’t mean that we’ll change our prices. Whether you’re buying or selling, we still proudly offer fair quotes on items by inspecting and finding the objective value of each piece. No markups when you’re looking to purchase and no low-balling when you’re trying to sell. Our goal isn’t to squeeze as much as we can out of you. It’s our mission to encourage people to enjoy coming back of their own free will with our fair practices and satisfactory prices. We believe in fairness so much that we’re happy to open up negotiations with you at any time! And of course, we will be honored to be your go-to place for flexible collateral loans whenever you need it. We’re all about helping our lovely community, and that means having your back with accessible services.

Loan term example:

Loan Period: 4 months

Loan Amount: $2500.00

APR: 24.12%

Total Interest Paid: $201.00

The Broad Inventory You Know And Love

You already know that we provide over-the-top services with fair prices, but what exactly do we carry? The short answer is, a little of everything! As the name suggests, Azusa Mega Pawn carries a large and diverse inventory of items ranging from jewelry to sporting goods and more. The reason why our customers are always coming back to us is that they never know what they’ll find. Our stock is constantly rotating which is why we encourage you to visit us often to see what new things we have in the store.

High-End Jewelry

If you want stunning jewelry that looks and feels brand new at a lower price than your average retail store, Azusa Mega Pawn is the place to go! We have qualified appraisers on staff so you know that you’re getting a fair deal on top designer brands.

Working Electronics

Need a replacement TV or game console, stat? We make sure to test every device that comes our way so you can grab what you need without worrying about needing to come all the way back just because something’s not working right.

Rare Antiques

There are only so many places you can browse for unique vintage items like art, silverware, statues, coins, and other valuable collectibles. Visit Azusa Mega Pawn often to find that elusive piece you’ve been searching for!

Refurbished Tools

Sometimes, you need a specific tool just for a simple task that’ll be done in a matter of minutes. Rather than buying a brand-new tool at a high price or wasting money on a rental, stop by our store to see if we have what you need!

Quality Musical Instruments

Whether it be for school use or a personal hobby, we have a great selection of instruments from some of the top brands along with any accessories you might need for a better experience.

Affordable Sporting Goods

From fishing gadgets to hunting equipment, we have a decent stock of sporting goods to accompany you during your next day out doing what you love to do.

What “Azusa Mega Pawn” Means For Our Customers

At the revamped Azusa Mega Pawn, you can expect a “mega” experience with more opportunities to serve you while offering the same great prices, service, and inventory! We are now part of a family of other outstanding pawn shops such as Central Mega Pawn and Westminster Mega Pawn as a way to spread our amazing services throughout SoCal. For the best pawn shop serving the Azusa, Baldwin Park, and Glendora areas, call (626) 334-2274 to speak with the friendly staff for more information.