Pawning a Gold Chain in Baldwin Park

As the San Gabriel Valley’s leading pawn shop, Azusa Pawn is a quick drive from Baldwin Park, and offers pawn loans on gold chains. All pawn loans extended by Azusa Pawn come with four-month minimum and four-month maximum repayment terms. Pawn loans extended by our team help put money in your pocket instantly without having to apply for a tradition loan.

How Pawn Loans Work at Azusa Pawn

Pawn loans are collateral loans. This means that your item is all the collateral necessary. We never require that you have a bank account, and there is no credit approval process for securing a pawn loan. You do however need to have a driver’s license or state I.D.

To obtain a pawn loan near Baldwin Park, simply bring your gold chain into our shop in downtown Azusa. We will make you an offer for a loan. Keep in mind that pawn loans are extended for a percentage of the value of the item, not the full value of the item. You should not expect to get a $500 loan on a gold chain that cost $500. You’ll be offered a percentage of the value instead.

Pawning Gold Chain In Baldwin Park
Easy Loan Process

If you decide to accept the pawn loan offered to you, the pawnbroker will explain your responsibilities for repaying the loan. You’ll sign a loan agreement, then you’ll give the gold chain to the pawnshop for safekeeping, and they will give you cash on the spot.

If you cannot make your monthly loan payment, Azusa Pawn can accept payment for the interest, and extend or renew your pawn loan at the end of four months. Moreover, unlike a traditional loan, if you default on the loan, your credit will not be impacted in anyway. You will simply give up ownership of the item. Other benefits of obtaining a short-term pawn loan include:

  • More favorable interest rates than Payday or Cash Advance loans
  • You retain ownership of your item
  • No credit check required
  • Defaulting on the loan will never be reported to credit bureaus
  • Instant cash
  • Gold chains and other jewelry used as collateral will be stored in a safe, monitored by cameras
  • Your loan is entirely confidential
  • You can get a new loan, loan extension, or renewal if you remain current on interest payments
  • There is no limit to the number of pawn loans you may have at one time
  • Fixed monthly payments -no risk of increasing interest rates
  • Pawn loans available for most items of value
Best place to pawn gold chain in Baldwin Park
Azusa Pawn Offers Great Loan

Why is Azusa Pawn the Best Place to Pawn a Gold Chain?

Azusa Pawn is highly reviewed due to our spectacular customer service. We are committed to serving our local community by providing:

  • Great loan offers
  • Transparent loan terms
  • Friendly, helpful service
  • Answers to all questions
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Easy loan transactions

In addition to offering pawn loans Azusa Pawn also buys items every day. That said, if you decide that you don’t want a gold chain, we’ll be happy to make you an offer to buy the chain. You’ll get more money when you sell a chain instead of pawning it.

Bring Your Gold Chain to Azusa Pawn for a Great Loan Offer

If you need fast cash, and you have a gold chain for collateral, we’d love to make you an offer. Azusa Pawn is on Gladstone Street in Azusa, just minutes from Baldwin Park. We are open seven days a week until 6:00pm. Feel free to message us, or call 626-334-2274 with any questions.

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