If you’re new to the exciting world of coin-collecting, you might not know where to begin your search or what to look out for. Rather than picking out anything that looks cool on eBay and wasting both your time and money, you should find some sort of direction to help carry you throughout your journey. Once you have an idea of what you’re aiming for, you’ll have a better buying experience at your local pawn shop in Azusa. But first, here are 5 of the best coins to collect to give you some ideas.

1. The Gold American Eagle

Would you believe that the United States had a dedicated $20 coin? Starting in 1907, the Gold Double Eagle featured Lady Liberty standing proud with a torch in one hand and a branch in the other, and of course, a majestic eagle is displayed on the reverse. The high-relief coin had “E PLURIBUS UNUM” printed along the edge which is impressive considering most coins have either smooth or reeded edges. Although you won’t see an original print in acceptable condition for any less than tens of thousands of dollars, you can find more recent versions of the Gold American Eagle at a much lower price. While the originals were made for circulation, these newer coins play more of an homage to the first iterations by catering to collectors who admire the beauty of the coin and what it stands for. This is a great start for collectors since you can find the Gold American Eagle in pawn shops near Azusa.

Gold American Eagle Facts

  • The design was illustrated by Augustus Saint-Gaudens who was an American sculptor.
  • The composition is roughly 90% gold and a 10% mix of silver and copper.
  • The original design received some criticism for excluding “IN GOD WE TRUST” which was added to later prints.

2. The Seated Liberty Half Dollar

Another beautiful coin featuring the lovely Lady Liberty, the Seated Liberty half dollar is a silver coin that has seen many different versions and minor changes throughout its production. One of the most defining features when comparing iterations is the presence (or absence) of the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST”. The Seated Liberty half dollar ran for 25 years (1840-1865) without displaying the motto until it was included in 1866. However, these versions had a shorter run from 1866-1873. As you can imagine, certain years hold more value than others, with the 1870 Seated Liberty being among the most sought-after. Aside from their rarity, these coins are an excellent collector’s item in both value and beauty. The recognizable figure is seated with a “LIBERTY” shield at her side while holding a liberty cap on a pole. And in high American fashion, an eagle is shown on the reverse.

Seated Liberty Facts

  • The one-dollar version of the Seated Liberty has a mintage of 15 for the production year of 1870 with each coin going for over a million dollars.
  • The half dollar has “HALF DOL.” printed on the reverse rather than displaying the full wording.

3. The Susan B. Anthony Dollar

Created for regular circulation, the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin had a very limited run of 3 consecutive years from 1979-1981. This is because the sole purpose was to produce enough dollar coins for the sake of commerce before discontinuing. However, the Susan B. Anthony dollar made a quick return shortly after in 1999 just before the introduction of the new Sacagawea dollar coin in 2000. While the Sacagawea dollar coin is still stunning, it doesn’t hold as much collector value since it’s still in production. The Susan B. Anthony coin’s limited production is what makes it more enticing to seasoned collectors. Plus, this dollar coin is a great way to honor the amazing feats that this incredible woman accomplished.

Susan B. Anthony Dollar Facts

  • Susan B. Anthony was the first real woman to be featured on an American circulating coin.
  • The image of an eagle on the moon on the reverse is a callback to the Eisenhower Dollar that came before.
  • The Susan B. Anthony coin was created in the hopes that it would permanently replace the paper dollar.
  • Production of this coin was called off early due to the fact that it was frequently confused with the quarter coin.

4. The Lincoln Cent (AKA Wheat Penny)

The wheat penny, as it’s more commonly known, is perhaps one of the easier coins to collect. If you pay close attention to the change lying around your house or in your piggy bank, it would be no surprise if one of your pennies featured a wreath made of wheat on the backside. So why do people collect these coins? Fifty years of production makes for a nice “complete the set” opportunity which is fun for many collectors. Trying to find a wheat penny for each circulating year will give you a clear goal, and the value can go as high as $200 depending on the exact year and condition. Anyone collecting wheat pennies will be thrilled to find one from 1909, the first year it was produced.

5. The Natura Elephant 100 Rand Coin

Everyone needs that one extravagant coin in their collection and one to work towards as an end goal. Although it’s not produced within America, the Natura Elephant 100 rand coin fits the bill beautifully. Those who know nothing of coins will still admire the exciting view of a large elephant among a herd of many more of its kind, and the font choice is beyond unique. With a price tag of over $2,000, this is something for beginner coin collectors to look forward to.

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