Whether you are looking to upgrade your phone or just need some quick cash, you might be wondering where the best place is to sell your iPhone X. As with most top of the line electronics, when it comes to selling an iPhone X, you’ll have lots of options. It will be all too easy to become overwhelmed or to go with the most straightforward option just to get it over with. Thankfully, we can help. At Azusa Pawn, we have lots of experience buying and selling iPhones across all its generations and are well acquainted with all the options for selling an iPhone. Keep reading for a breakdown of the most popular options and learn why your local pawn shop should be at the top of your list when you need or want to sell your iPhone X.

Sell it to a buy-back service

Sellers tend to go with a buy-back service because they are quick and easy. However, services like these can be risky because they tend to be very picky about the condition. Also, because buy-back services are flooding the market, the prices they pay can vary widely. You will still need to do lots of homework to make sure that you are dealing with a buy-back service that is fair, and that will pay an acceptable price.

Trade it in for upgrade or store credit

If you are more concerned with upgrading or getting store credit than with getting your money’s worth, you can trade-in your iPhone X for credit toward a newer model or store credit. The two biggest sources of upgrade credit are currently Apple and Best Buy. Many sellers report that the trade-in value at both of these stores is fair. However, if you are looking for cash for your iPhone X, this option is not for you, because you will receive the value of your phone in the form of store credit or gift card, not in cash.

Sell it yourself online

Selling your iPhone X yourself may get you the most money, but it can be very risky. Here are some of the most popular ways to sell your iPhone X yourself online:

  • Craigslist – this site is helpful if you want cash for your phone, as many buyers there expect to pay in cash. However, the site is notorious for buyers who try to pay as little as possible and buyers who never show up once a price is agreed upon. Another potential problem is that selling here requires that you meet your buyer in person, so you should be sure to meet up in a safe, well-lit public space. Many police departments offer sections of their parking lots for in-person transactions as well. The key to selling on Craigslist is to make sure to communicate clearly with the buyer about price, condition, and expectations.
  • Facebook Marketplace – Facebook Marketplace will also get you cash for your iPhone X. Many sellers prefer this to Craigslist, as it removes the anonymity from the transaction – you can view the profile of all your interested buyers, which may lead to fewer no-shows. Also, people you are connected to on Facebook can recommend your listing to their friends, which may help you sell your iPhone X faster.
  • eBay – eBay can be a fast and safe way to sell your iPhone X, because of the buyer and seller protections. However, you must not only do lots of work to list your iPhone X, but you will also pay fees a percentage of the cost in fees, as well as a fee to PayPal. Then, you must pay for shipping and handling, hoping that your buyer does not have buyer’s remorse, as eBay is known for siding with buyers when it comes to disputes.

Sell it to your local pawn shop

Pound for pound, your local pawn shop is your best bet for selling your iPhone X. Not only is it faster and safer than selling it yourself online, but you will also get cash in hand in a matter of minutes. Your local pawn shop will offer you a fair price that you can negotiate or refuse with no questions asked. When you sell your iPhone X to your local pawn shop, you:

  • Will not pay fees – no listing or sales fees, no fees to electronic payment processing.
  • Will not pay shipping or handling – no time or money spent packing up your iPhone X, taking it to the post office and hoping it arrives in one piece.
  • Will not put your information at risk – pawn shops do not ask you for your bank account or credit card information, unlike apps or sites that require you to connect your information to receive payment.

Selling your iPhone X to your local pawn shop will get you cash in hand in a matter of minutes.

How to get top dollar for your iPhone X at your local pawn shop

Your local pawn shop will do its best to offer you the most for your iPhone X. However, there are some things to keep in mind to make it easy for your local pawnbroker:

  • Packaging – the more original packaging you can offer your local pawn shop, the easier it will be for them to resell.
  • Condition – the better the condition, the more your local pawn shop can offer. Hopefully, your iPhone X spent its time with you in a secure case and is free of scratches, dents, or other problems that will make it harder to sell. Even if it hasn’t, and has a little wear and tear, it can still get you a reasonable price. Just be prepared to show that it still works when you bring it in.
  • Do your homework – look up recent online sales for iPhone X’s in conditions similar to yours to see what you can realistically expect.

If you are the fence about selling your iPhone X, keep in mind that the best time to sell any iPhone is right now. iPhones lose value by the day, so visit us as soon as possible to turn your iPhone X into cash in minutes!